Vermilion Parish, LA
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The Online Land Records have the following data available for search/viewing:
Conveyance, Mortgage, and Marriage records.
Conveyance Index: 1978 - Current
Mortgage Index: 1960 - Current
Marriage Index: 1952 - Current
Conveyance & Mortgage Images: 1987 - Current
Marriage Images: 1952 - Current

To search our Online Land Records please follow the instructions below:

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  • Enter the search criteria for the named person
  • Alternately, enter the instrument specific data
  • After clicking "Search" a grid listing will show matches
  • Select the record you wish to view by clicking the row
  • The detail screen will show information on the parties and instrument data
  • All images associated with the record will be displayed to the right of the detailed data
  • You are able to go back to the criteria or result set by clicking on the vertical column area

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